Case Study
All Saints Primary School

Building Use – Primary School
Project Type – New Build
Sector – Education
Location – Liverpool
Date – 2005



Cost Consultants
Principal Designer CDM


Everton Finch Farm Pitch
Everton Finch Farm changing room
Everton Finch Farm Jacuzzi
Everton Finch Farm boot room


The project involved the bulk removal of contaminated ground by remediation and importing screened sub and top soils to comply with local planning policy.

The school was designed to limit the acoustic impact on the surrounding residential area through building orientation strategic façade design and informed zoning of the more active areas i.e. play space and hall.


Cunliffes have also successfully integrated design innovation to the building with the provision of shared winter gardens, provide a valuable teaching space for adjoining pairs of classrooms, with direct access to toilets and cloak provision from the external play/habitat/learning areas.

Heart of the School resource area accessed from all classrooms (excluding reception-nursery foundation stage) provides focal point for whole school integration in addition to Hall areas. This area is centrally lit and naturally ventilated through BMS controlled opening vents. Other key features include sprinkler systems which Fire Authorities have advocated for many years and following the introduction of the DCFS Building Bulletin 100.

An Eco-Warrior system is also provided in the main foyer, with an LED display indicating the real time data regarding the quantity of recycled grey water, and solar energy production in kilowatt hours and CO2 saved provided.

Flexible Learning Environment

The building was been designed and constructed in accordance with DCFS Building Bulletin 99 and BB93 design guides.

Cunliffes understand that Schools are subject to continuous change in the delivery of curriculum which can result in costly and disruptive re-modelling and extension to existing accommodation. It is therefore essential that the design of new educational establishments allows for flexible, adaptable learning environments that are future proofed to allow for shifts in future teaching trends.

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